Optimization solvers#

These functions are the core of the PDFO package. Most users should be contented with the function pdfo, being the entry point of the PDFO package.

pdfo(fun, x0[, args, method, bounds, ...])

Powell's Derivative-Free Optimization solvers.

uobyqa(fun, x0[, args, options])

Unconstrained Optimization BY Quadratic Approximation.

newuoa(fun, x0[, args, options])

NEW Unconstrained Optimization Algorithm.

bobyqa(fun, x0[, args, bounds, options])

Bounded Optimization BY Quadratic Approximations.

lincoa(fun, x0[, args, bounds, constraints, ...])

LINearly Constrained Optimization Algorithm.

cobyla(fun, x0[, args, bounds, constraints, ...])

Constrained Optimization BY Linear Approximations.