class pdfo.NonlinearConstraint(fun, lb=None, ub=None)[source]#

Nonlinear inequality and equality constraints.

This class represents nonlinear constraints of the form

\[l \le c ( x ) \le u,\]

where \(c \colon \R^n \to \R^m\), \(l \in \R^m\), and \(u \in \R^m\). To specify equality constraints, set the corresponding elements of \(l\) and \(u\) to the same values.

fun: callable

Above-mentioned nonlinear constraint function \(c\).

fun(x) -> ndarray, shape (m,)

where x is an array with shape (n,).

lb: ndarray, shape (m,)

Above-mentioned lower bound \(l\).

ub: ndarray, shape (m,)

Above-mentioned upper bound \(u\).